Why Do Selenium Cloud Testing?

Selenium is the leading test automation framework for web apps. With Selenium, teams can create robust browser-based regression testing automation scripts using a wide range of development languages, including:

  • Java
  • Java Script
  • C#
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Ruby

Selenium is driven by the W3C compliant WebDriver protocol that serves as the main interface. Selenium is also the base for many leading test automation frameworks including Junit, TestNG, WebDriver.IO, Nightwatch, Karma, and many more. Selenium releases frequently and is open source.

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Selenium Integration With Perfecto

Perfecto is fully compliant with the Selenium framework. The Selenium integration allows customers to run their Selenium test automation scripts on real browsers in the Perfecto-secured and enterprise-grade testing cloud. 

Run Selenium cloud testing in any supported language and any supported test framework. Execute at unlimited scale from within your IDE, your CI, or command line. 

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How to Integrate Selenium and Perfecto

Connecting your Selenium code to the Perfecto cloud is easy and standard. Simply configure the desired capabilities parameters to set up your execution targets and launch your scripts.

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Upon configuring your desktop browser, you’ll get access to a new, clean, and secure desktop browser.

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Creating a Selenium Grid With Perfecto

Creating an unlimited Selenium grid in the Perfecto cloud is seamless, secured, and fast.

Perfecto offers 11 global data centers across Germany, Australia, and the U.S for maximum coverage.

In addition, Perfecto provides a secured VPN tunnel called Perfecto Connect to enable customers to test their web apps against their backend services in a secure and reliable way.

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Supported Selenium Permutations

Perfecto supports any of the following permutations of Selenium WebDriver for Java, Node JS, and others.

Selenium with Java

  • Junit
  • TestNG
  • JBehave
  • Serenity

Selenium with NodeJS

  • Cucumber JS
  • Nightwatch
  • Protractor
  • WebdriverIO
  • Karma

Selenium with PHP 

  • Codeception

Selenium with C#

  • NUnit

Selenium with Python

Selenium with Ruby

Key Features With Perfecto


Open & Integrated

Perfecto integrates with Selenium and various Selenium-based test automation frameworks. Perfecto enables customers to execute their tests from within IDEs, CI servers, and other environments.

Customers get instant access to a large-scale Selenium grid in the cloud with zero setup or maintenance required.


Enterprise-Grade Security

Perfecto’s data centers are enterprise grade. They offer high degree of security, clean up of VMs upon each execution, and 24/7 monitoring for maximum service availability.


Fastest Execution

Advanced architecture guarantees fast and reliable execution of large test suites across multiple browsers and geographies.


Maximum Coverage

With Perfecto and Selenium, you get unlimited elasticity to execute tests in parallel and burst mode, with proven immediate support for all desktop browsers — including beta versions — and all platforms with 100% enterprise-grade security.


Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Advanced AI-driven reporting and analytics expedite feedback loops, provide debugging artifacts, and ensure high-quality web apps. Dashboards with cross-platform reporting for responsive web testing provide quality visibility.

Upon each Selenium test execution, you can leverage Perfecto’s smart analytics and use heatmaps to view cross-platform health at a high level. Dig deeper with single test reports that provide AI-driven root cause analysis of the failure. If the execution was triggered from a CI server like Jenkins, you can view the entire CI history with job and branch-level reports.


Support Any Skillset

Whether your engineers know how to write Selenium test code or not, Perfecto can support you.

Create your scripts in any Selenium code-based test framework, or use Perfecto Codeless Selenium and Quantum BDD for maximum test automation coverage and productivity.

Start Testing With Selenium and Perfecto