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Device Lab

What devices are available in the Perfecto lab?  

Perfecto fully supports Android and iOS phones, phablets, and tablets, and foldable devices in the cloud for complete device coverage. We manage 10,000+ devices with global coverage while offering same-day device, OS, and browser availability and support. 

Check out the full list of available devices

Does Perfecto give me live remote access to a device?  

Yes, you can interact with real devices in real time as if they are in your hand.

Are the devices in Perfecto lab real?

Yes, there are real (and virtual) devices in the Perfecto lab.

Is my personal data visible to other users in the public cloud?

No, your data is cleared after every session, automatically. Personal data will not be visible or available to other users in public cloud.

What browsers are available in the Perfecto lab?  

Perfecto supports testing on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, and more.

We support 2,000+ browsers across web and mobile devices and offer same-day browser availability and support. 

Check out the full list of available browsers.

Can I do cross-browser testing in Perfecto?  

Yes, you can do cross-browser testing on desktop and mobile browsers with Perfecto.

Automation & Executions

What automation frameworks does Perfecto support?

Perfecto supports Selenium, Appium, XCUITest, Espresso, Quantum, and more. 

Check out this full list of supported frameworks.  

What programming languages are supported?  

You can use any programming language with Perfecto, including Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, PHP. You simply choose the framework and run those in Perfecto.

Does Perfecto let me run parallel executions? 

Yes, you can run 2 to 24 (and more) parallel executions with Perfecto.

To run executions in parallel, do I need to change my existing code?  

No code modifications are necessary for parallel executions with Perfecto. 

Can I have multiple builds/jobs running from Jenkins at the same time?

Yes, you can trigger multiple jobs at the same time. This would be considered a parallel execution. 

Testing Types & Scenarios

What kinds of testing can I do with Perfecto?

You can do both functional and non-functional testing (whether automated or manual) for mobile, web, and mobile-web applications with Perfecto. 

Our customers use Perfecto for a wide variety of testing, including:

  • Accessibility testing. 
  • API testing (through Quantum framework). 
  • BDD (Behavior Driven Development) testing (through Quantum framework). 
  • Continuous testing. 
  • Exploratory testing.  
  • Keyword & data-driven testing.  
  • Monitoring.  
  • Performance testing.  
  • Regression testing.  
  • Smoke testing. 
  • UI testing. 
  • Unit testing.
Can I do visual testing with Perfecto?

We support ocular character recognition (OCT) testing and offer an integration with Applitools for visual testing. 

Can I test telecom providers?

Yes, you can test any telecom providers you wish with the Enterprise plan.

Check out the full list of mobile device capabilities.  

Can I test Touch ID and Face ID functionalities?

Yes, Perfecto supports advanced testing scenarios, such as Touch ID, Face ID, image inject, and more.  

Check out the full list of mobile device capabilities.  

Can I test scanning a credit card or QR code?  

Yes, scanning a credit card or QR code is achieved through our image injection capability. 

Check out the full list of mobile device capabilities.  

Can I find out the quality of audio in an app?

Yes, we can help you understand the mean opinion score (MOS) for audio quality. 

Check out the full list of mobile device capabilities.  

Reporting & Debugging

What are the test reporting capabilities in Perfecto?

Perfecto provides comprehensive test reporting capabilities in form of a multiple execution digital report. It provides visibility of your test execution status and lets you quickly identify potential problems with an aggregated report. 

Reporting capabilities include:  

  • Standard pass/fail reporting. 
  • Stack trace reporting.  
  • Log files, screenshots, & video playback. 
  • Accessibility reporting for native mobile (HAR/network files).  
Can I debug against a local instance of my application?

Yes, you can debug against a local instance of your app through Perfecto Connect.  

Can I create a defect directly into Jira?

Yes, you can create a defect directly into Jira.


Does Perfecto have an integration with … ? 

Most likely.  

Perfecto offers over 50 integrations. From IDEs to continuous integration tools and test automation frameworks, Perfecto partners with them all. 

See the list of integrations.  

Can I integrate Perfecto into the CI/CD pipeline?

Yes, CI/CD integrations include Jenkins, Circle CI, Bamboo, Azure, and more. 

See full list of CI/CD integrations.  

Services, Support, & Training

What is Perfecto used for?

Perfecto is the industry's most trusted testing platform for mobile and web applications. Developers leverage Perfecto to ensure their application is of the highest quality.

What documentation is available?

Perfecto provides documentation through a robust documentation portal.  

What is support like at Perfecto? 

Perfecto customers get either Standard or Priority support depending on their plan.  

Public cloud customers receive our Standard support, which includes:  

  • Email, chat, & 12/7 call-in support from our global support team.  
  • Unlimited access to our documentation portal, online training modules, & testing resources. 

Enterprise customers receive our Priority support, which includes: 

Everything in standard package.  

  • Dedicated customer success resources.  
  • Customized implementation and onboarding.  
  • 24/7 call-in support. 
What training is available?  

We provide a wide range of professional and implementation services, including:  

Black Belt Program: Get daily access to an Automated Quality Solutions Architect for testing and automation insights & expertise. Learn more >> 

Blueprint Foundation Service: Get 10 fully functional CI-ready automated test cases to ensure you can successfully build, maintain, and execute a full suite of automated tests across web and mobile.. Learn more >> 

Training Services: Perfecto experts train your team to develop automated test code for functional and non-functional test coverage, link it to industry-leading CI tools, and assure flawless unattended execution. Learn more >> 

Does Perfecto have automation experts my team can reach out to with questions? 

Yes, Perfecto regularly provides automation consulting services through our Black Belt Services. Learn more >> 

I will be switching to Perfecto from another provider. Can I migrate? How long does it take?

Yes, switching is easy with Perfecto. We support standard Selenium and standard Appium migrations. It typically takes a few days and requires low-impact code changes.  

IT & Security

Is there built-in security and privacy? Are you compliant with … ?  

Perfecto is trusted by the world’s largest, most secure enterprises for cloud-based mobile and web testing. We meet the necessary compliance regulations and hold many security certifications including PCI, SOC II, ISO 27001, and the GDPR. 

Perfecto also offers private, dedicated clouds for customers that do not want to test on a shared pool of devices in a public testing cloud. 

What is Perfecto’s availability/downtime?  

At Perfecto, we take pride in delivering secure, uninterrupted service to our customers.  

We offer 24/7 commercial support with 99.999% uptime via our Global Tier 1 data centers.  

Visit our dedicated incident report portal for more details. 


Can I pay monthly? 

Yes, we do accommodate for monthly billing for public cloud customers at a slightly higher subscription price than annual billing. Learn more >>

Are there upfront costs or additional fees?

No, we don’t believe in hidden fees. What you see is what you get with any of the Perfecto subscription plans. Learn more >>

How long is a contract? 

Perfecto subscriptions plans start at a 12-month minimum. Public cloud customers have the ability to cancel at anytime with a 60-day notice. Enterprise customers will comply with the terms of their agreement signed at the time of purchase. Learn more >>

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